The Unit Cynotechnic of the Red Cross in action


Impressions from a training with rescue dogs in our tunnel: a volunteer team of Unit Cynotechnic of the Red Cross with the support of some employees and guides from our museum was in action.

MNM technical service is preparing the new saison 2023


The preparations for the new season have begun: here you can see two employees of the technical service, Liam and Dany, at work.

Safety course for the new Saison


An instructive safety course was held on Saturday, March 11, 2023 for volunteers, guides, train drivers and for the MNM staff. Instructors were the head of the technical service, Raymond Hoffmann, and the responsible for safety, Gilles Krier

Result: 2022: 10.400 visitors at the MNM


The MNM General Assembly met last Friday, 3 March in the new multipurpose room. Result: 10.400 persons in 2022 visited our tunnel. A big “Thank You” to the Ministry of Economy, Tourism Section, to the City of Rumelange and to all of you.

Guided tour mine & train in February an in March 2023


On February 19th and on March 12th and 19th 2023, you can again take part in our guided tour Mine & Train with your family, friends and acquaintances or alone. Follow the guide into the abandoned tunnels of the Walert mine, more than 80m below ground. See the mining machines, experience the miners’ work and listen to the stories of more than 100 years of iron ore mining. The language of the tour depends on the majority of visitors present. Audioguides in German, French, English and Dutch are [...]

Digital tour iPad & augmented reality


  The visitors will be equipped with an IPad tablet and a helmet. After a journey by mining train with a digital quiz, the tour continues in the mine about 1 km walk. Guided by «Spooky», the phantom of the mine, you will discover the world of the miner through animations in virtual and augmented reality. The tour with iPad takes place: on January 22 with departures at 14:00 and 15:00; on February 5 with departure at 14:00 and 15:00; on April 23 with departures at 9:00 and 10:00; on Mai 21 w [...]

Special tour “Lost Places”


On a tour of about 3 km you go through the main gallery of the Walert over into the mine Langengrund. There our historian will show and explain to you rooms and galleries that are nomally inaccessible to the public. Before the Walert und Langengund mines were closed in the 1960s, they had developed a network of galleries on an area of 80 hectares. Our guide shows you among other things the place where Jean-Pierre Bausch died in a work accident and the last mine car which left the last Lorraine m [...]

Special photo tour in our mine


. On April 16th and October 29th 2023 Only 12 participants admissible - advance booking needed During a photo tour, you can get to know the galleries in a different way – and capture them photographically. First, you walk through our underground illuminated exhibition with the historical reconstructions and the partly very impressive mining machines. Then we head to the unlit part of the mine “Langengrund” with its old substation and the underground air compressor room of the mine HADIR-Langengr [...]

New Year’s reception with good mood

Good mood at the New Year’s reception of the MNM, to which the Board of Directors had invited the staff, the guides and volunteers of the museum, and representatives of the CIGL and the municipal services, which always help.

“Minièresbunn Doihl” visited the MNM

Recently a delegation of the  “Minièresbunn Doihl” from the Fond-de-Gras visited the MNM for an exchange of experiences. We were happy about it and soon a delegation of us will go to them for a meeting.

St. Barbara in refreshed robe

The Feast of Saint Barbara will be celebrated in the Iron Ore Region next Sunday, 4 December. Just in time for this day, her statue, exhibited in our mine Walert, has returned from the restoration. The restorer Laura Di Mola has again prepared the statue so that it will please our visitors and will also be preserved for the future.

“European Route of Industrial Heritage”(ERIH) on visit

As part of the “European Route of Industrial Heritage” (ERIH), our mining museum is the "Anchorpoint" in Luxembourg. Recently, a group of about 50 visitors from all parts of Europe was present in our tunnel for a “Welcome and Get Together”. The organizer and leader of the event was the team of the “Office Regional de Tourisme SUD” with the support of our team of volunteers and employees.

RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg visiting the MNM

Rumelange is at the centre of Esch22 in November. This is why an RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg team visited the MNM today. Our chariman and Mayor of Rumelange, Henri Haine, provided some explanations and answered questions. The report will be shown in the “Magazine” on Thuesday 25 October 2022