Digital tour iPad & augmented reality


The Visitors will be equipped with an IPad tablet. During the journey on the mine train a quiz about the subject of Iron Ore Extraction will be offered. Then it goes in the underground mine about 1 km on foot where the visitors can revive the world in the tunnels due to electronic animations. Booking and tickets :                         

Special tour “Lost Places”


Sunday, September 24 2023 at 10:00 On a tour of about 3 km you go through the main gallery of the Walert over into the mine Langengrund. There our historian will show and explain to you rooms and galleries that are nomally inaccessible to the public. Before the Walert und Langengund mines were closed in the 1960s, they had developed a network of galleries on an area of 80 hectares. Our guide shows you among other things the place where Jean-Pierre Bausch died in a work accident and the last mine [...]

Special photo tour in our mine


Sunday, October 29 at 9:00 During a photo tour, you can get to know the galleries in a different way – and capture them photographically. First, you walk through our underground illuminated exhibition with the historical reconstructions and the partly very impressive mining machines. Then we head to the unlit part of the mine “Langengrund” with its old substation and the underground air compressor room of the mine HADIR-Langengrund. There you will find almost everything as it was left behind in [...]

Prototype of a computer-controlled drill

Our most modern exhibit, the prototype of the computer-controlled drill Jumbo (1987) built by the company Montabert, can be seen during a guided tour mine & train. For the booking and the tickets please visite the calendar of events on this website.

The cleaning team du CIGL Rumelange

They do a valuable work in the background almost every day: here a part of the cleaning team of the CIGL-Rumelange. A big thank you to them. -

From Thursday to Sunday: Guided Tour Mine & Train

In September 2023, the MNM will open for you the gates of its mine from Thursday to Sunday. The Guided tours mine & train are at 14:30, 15:30 and 16:30. Booking and tickets until 13:30 :

Images from ancient times

Images from ancient times: the miner Isidore Baltes called Philippe (in the white jersey) with a mate in a French tunnel. The photos come from his son, Manuel Baltes. A big thank you for that.

“Trail des Mines 2023” on July 9th

First time in Luxembourg: A team of the Escher Kulturlaf a.s.b.l. is preparing the run “Trail des Mines”, which will also lead 3 km through our tunnel on 9 July and with arrival on our premises. We are looking forward to it.

Open Doors at at the MNM – Impressions

The first edition of the day of the Open Doors in the MNM was very popular.

Inauguration of the new reception

Official opening of the new reception and multi-purpose room of the MNM in the presence of Minister Lex Delles, the representatives of the lay judges and municipal council, the volunteers, leaders and employees of the museum. In his speech, President Henri Haine thanked the Ministry of Economic Affairs (Direction Générale Toursime), the city of Rumelange, the architect Yalda Rahmanian and Paul Nathan for their support in realizing the project. He also emphasized the commitment of all volunteers [...]

The CIGL Rumelange at the mine

Also always in action: a team of the CIGL Rumelingen. Here are two employees renovating a water tank for miners.

The Unit Cynotechnic of the Red Cross in action

Impressions from a training with rescue dogs in our tunnel: a volunteer team of Unit Cynotechnic of the Red Cross with the support of some employees and guides from our museum was in action.

MNM technical service is preparing the new saison 2023

The preparations for the new season have begun: here you can see two employees of the technical service, Liam and Dany, at work.