MNM closed from 24.12.2021 to 02.01.2022


Dear friends of the MNM, our museum and its administration will be closed from Friday 24 December 2021 until Sunday 2 January 2022. We very much hope to welcome you in the New Year safe and sound with us."Good Luck".  

Guided mine tour for indivual visitors


The second sunday of each month from january to march 2022 Only 20 participants admissible The MNM organizes guided tours for individual visitors on the second sunday of each month from january to march 2022 through the underground exhibition of our gallery Walert. First we take you with the mine railway 1,2 km through the landscape and 3 km through the galleries to the starting point of the visit. Here you vill discover on foot the work and life of miners from the period between 1870 and 1997. [...]

Become a museum guide or train driver in the MNM

Are you interested in guiding groups of adults and children through 150 years of iron ore history as a museum guide (m/f) in the MNM? Or are you fascinated as a locomotive driver with our mine railway to bring the visitors into the underground tunnels? Perhaps you would like to take a look behind the scenes of our museum?If you want to be freelance for the MNM, then contact us for an appointment at We look forward to your interest and visit.

In September 2021:

The MNM is open from Thursday to Sunday. Start of the guided tours: 14:30, 15:30 and 16:30.  

Tour “Industrial archeology”

Saturday April 24, 2021 Only 10 people admissible On a tour of about 3 km you go through the main gallery of the Walert over into the mine Langengrund. There our historian will show and explain to you rooms and galleries that are nomally inaccessible to the public. Before the Walert und Langengund mines were closed in the 1960s, they had developed a network of galleries on an area of 80 hectares. Our guide shows you among other things the place where Jean-Pierre Bausch died in a work accident an [...]

Special tour “3000 years of mining lights”

Sunday, june 13  2021 Only 10 participants admissible The lamp is without doubt the most characteristic tool for a miner, and also the most vital in the obscurity in the galleries. You can make such an experience yourself in the galleries of the mine Walert. There our historian will present the different types of mining lights used by the miners, and this from the ancient world to recent days. Departure: 10.00 Duration: 2 hours. Price: 8€ for adultes ; 6€ for children A reservation is [...]

Photo tour in our galleries

On Saturday, September 18, 2021 Only 12 participants admissibleDuring a photo tour, you can get to know the galleries in a different way - and capture them photographically. First, you walk through our underground illuminated exhibition with the historical reconstructions and the partly very impressive mining machines. Then we head to the unlit part of the mine "Langengrund" with its old substation and the underground air compressor room of the mine HADIR-Langengrund. There you will find almost [...]