The heaviest maschine of our exhibition

From 1957 to 1997, ARBED had used this electric locomotive with bogie in their French tunnels. With 44 tons it is the heaviest machine in our museum and was built by the company Jeumont (F) in 1957. The locomotive ot the Type BB has 4 electric motors with 153 HP each and was used in the tunnels Burbach and Audun. It is a part of our underground exhibition since 2000.

Guided tours from Tuesday to Sunday

In July and August, the MNM will open for you the gates of its underground mine from Tuesday to Sunday. Departures from our guided tours are at 14:30, 15:30 and 16:30.

New reception accessible from 28 June 2022

The entire MNM team is looking forward to welcome you at our new reception on Thuesday June 28. The entrance is only 20 meters from the “Brasserie du Musée”.

New project by RTL

Recently, the production company RADAR Differdange was in our tunnel and recorded some video sequences on behalf of RTL. Aren’t you also curious what will come out of it?  

Take a guided tour of our underground mine:

dug between 1891 and 1963; more than 80 m below ground; large tunnels on two different levels; impressive cavities left over by the miners; machines and tools from the 1860 to 1997. From Tuesday to Sunday – Departures 14:30, 15:30 and 16:30; Rates: adults 9€, students, 7€ and children 5€

A lot to discover

In our underground tunnel there is something to discover in every corner and behind every pillar. Come and see for yourself during a tour from Thursday to Sunday. Thre departures: 14:30, 15:30 and 16:30 Duration: 2 hoursPrice: 9 € for adults, 7 € for students and 5 € for children up to the age of 15 years included. No booking needed.

MNM open from Tuesday to Sunday

Every week from Tuesday to Sunday, the MNM opens its gates of the tunnel for you. The departures of our guided tours are 14:30, 15:30 and 16:30.

Special Tour “The surface part of Walert mine”

Sunday, May 29 2022 – Start 15:00 Discover the surface part of the Walert mine during an outdoor walking tour. A special museum guide shows you old buildings from the early 20th Century, machines from Sweden and the USA, locomotives or the remains of an old powder store and much more…. You will also learn how the landscape was changed by open-cast mining. Want to experience industrial history in the fresh air? Duration: 1,5h Price per person: 5€ For reservations and tickets : [...]

Digital tour with iPad

During the Luxembourg Museum Days 2022 Sneak preview at the MNM: During the “Luxembourg Museum Days” on 14 and 15 May 2022, you can take part in a preview of our new digital guided tour. Let the world in the tunnel revive through electronic animations almost as in reality. Departures : 14 :00, 15 :00, 16 :00 and 17:00 Limited up to 15 participants / Duration: 1.5 / free entry

Special Tour “The miner’s tools”

Thursday, April 21 at 19:00 In the early days of iron ore mining, miners relied on their manual tools like e.g. crosshoe, the mass or the tourniki. With the special tour "The miner’s tools" in our underground mine, you can even take this tool into your own hands and try it out. You will get many interesting details from a specialized museum guide. Duration: 1.30 Entrance and exit on foot Tariffs: adults 12.00 €, students 10.00 €, children 9.00 € Interested in? For the booking and the tickets ple [...]