Individual visitors

You wish to see the museum on your own, with your friends or family? You have got different options for your tour of the MNMs site in Rumelange. Join the classic tour which lasts 2 hours and includes a mine train ride and a tour through the underground tunnels.

In the sunlight, take a stroll along the paths that lead by the surface buildings and through the abandoned open pit mines. Depending on the time of your visit, you may also like to join one of our special tours or events organized on site or underground.

Group tours

The museum offers several options to groups. You may explore the underground tunnels and combine your tour with a miners’ break, book walks through the former open pit mines, rent our small meeting room or even design your own à la carte tour.

Educational tours

The MNM offers different tours for school classes or other groups of children aged 4 to 14: the interactive tour inside the mine and nature tours at the surface. These tours are designed for school groups but can of course be reserved for any other group of children as well.