Special tour “Lost Places”

Sunday, September 24 2023 at 10:00
On a tour of about 3 km you go through the main gallery of the Walert over into the mine Langengrund. There our historian will show and explain to you rooms and galleries that are nomally inaccessible to the public.
Before the Walert und Langengund mines were closed in the 1960s, they had developed a network of galleries on an area of 80 hectares. Our guide shows you among other things the place where Jean-Pierre Bausch died in a work accident and the last mine car which left the last Lorraine mine. You will also see an old substation and an underground compressor room of the HADIR-Langengrund mine where everything is still as it was left in the 1960s. The tour takes 2 hours. Price:  adultes 15 €, students 12€, children 10€ (up to 15 years included) For the booking and the tickets please click on the following link: