Special photo tour in our mine

Sunday, October 29 at 9:00 During a photo tour, you can get to know the galleries in a different way – and capture them photographically. First, you walk through our underground illuminated exhibition with the historical reconstructions and the partly very impressive mining machines.
Then we head to the unlit part of the mine “Langengrund” with its old substation and the underground air compressor room of the mine HADIR-Langengrund. There you will find almost everything as it was left behind in the 1960s. You have time to explore the respective mines on your own and a guide is on hand to answer any questions. Our mine railway will take you out.
Departure: 9:00 – Duration: 3 hour  – Price: 15€ per participant.
A lamp with a duration of 3 hours lighting time is mandatoryBooking and tickets: MNM Rumelange | Visite Photo dans nos mines souterraines ( For questions: or Tel: +352 56 56 88