National Mining Museum

Group tour (by reservation only)

The National Mining Museum can be visited by groups (16 people min., 31 people max.) in the company of a qualified guide.

The tour starts with a short introduction in the exhibition building, after which the visitors are handed a helmet.

The visitors then board a train to enter the mine; the journey takes about 20 minutes. Inside the mine, the tour continues on foot through the tunnels as the guide explains the different mining techniques and the daily life of the mineworkers. The tour exits the mine by train through the Walert tunnel.
The tour lasts about 1h 30 min.

The group tour is targeted at the general public. It is accessible to wheelchair users.

The average temperature inside the mine is 10° C all year round. Thus it is important to wear appropriate warm clothing. The mine tunnels are free of danger. Visitors are advised to wear flat-heeled shoes. Helmets  available at the museum are mandatory.

Dogs are not admitted into the mine.

For administratif reasons please reserve your group visit 48 hours in advance.

If your group counts less than 16 people, then it also is possible to reserve but a flat rate of 120 Euro has to be paid.

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Groups have the possibility to have lunch or dinner at the Brasserie du Musée.


If you wish to eat at the Brasserie du Musée, please contact (+ 352) 56 70 08 to reserve. (