National Mining Museum
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History of the MNM

1973: Creation of the MNM

Inauguration1973 1

With the support of Rumelange town council, a group of former miners creates a mining museum in the tunnels of the abandoned Kirchberg and Walert mines. Their aim is to keep the memory of the miners' work and develop tourism in a region suffering from the gradual closure of the mines.

1982-1984: First enlargement


The first enlargement of the underground tour with the help of workers from the unemployment relief program of the Luxembourg steel industry. The first visitor train is introduced.

1997-2001: Second enlargement


The next enlargement of the Museum financed jointly by the town council, the Luxembourg state and the European Union (FEDER program). The surface infrastructures and underground tour are reorganized, buildings restored, the museum lays track for a new train circuit and buys the current visitor trains.

The museum today

Today the museum is managed by a non-profit organization supported by the Rumelange town council and the Ministry of Tourism. It employs 3 full-time personnel and a dynamic team of volunteers.