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During the August 2020

Because of the restrictions due to the COVID-19 crisis the visits of our mines could not take place at this moment. But our Team has developed a restricted programm for the month of August:

Mine tour on foot

August 13th, 20th and 27th at 10:00

Only 9 participants admissible

Explore the tunnels in the old part of our exhibition the way the miners of the 19th century did. A guide takes you on foot through the tunnels of the Walert mine, where you can experience the working conditions of the miners from 1870 until before the Second World War.

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  The visit lasts 1h30 with with the entry and exit of the mine accompanied by a competent guide of the MNM.

Tarif : 8€/participant, 6€/children

It is important to wear appropriate warm clothing and flat-heeled shoes.

A reservation is mandatory.
Reservation and Tickets for August 13th, 20th,  27th :

If  you have any questions contact our team via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or via phone: 56 56 88.

Tour by train through the galleries

From Tuesday to Sunday 4 times per afternoon

Only 19 participants admissible
(wihtout reservation)

The MNM offers a tour by our mine train so that you could get a great impression of our site inside and outside. The tour by train lasts 30 minutes.

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Our train will be in service from Tuesday to Sunday 4 times per afternoon to pass through our big main gallery. The modern carriages are equipped with wide windows so that you can see the different exposed locomotives with all security and some mining engines for ore extraction.

The departures are at 14:30, 15:15, 16:00, 16:45.
To avoid any disappointment of not getting any tickets, please be there 15-20 minutes before the departure because the train starts exactly in time.

 The tariff is 5/participant. 

The tour by the mine train is accessible to wheelchair users.Tickets are available at the reception of the building “Maschineschapp” before the specific departure.

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The gathering of the group is in front of the building “Maschineschapp”. From there the participants go to the platform of the train. The journey first leads through the landscape of red rocks and of a rich natural environment, past the former office “Gonner” (1910) and the remains of the former powder magazine “Rembour” (1902). After about one and a half kilometers the train enters the hill first by the “Langengrund” gallery, then continues through the gallery “Walert” and exits through the gallery “Kirchberg”.

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Combine your brief visit of our ore and iron museum for instance with a hike through the spectacular Landscape created by the ore excavation in Rumelange, or take a little break in the “Brasserie du Musée”, while your children are enjoying the nearby playground with many activities for the little ones.


Photo “Visit light”

Saturday, August 15th , 22th and 29th  2020

Only 18 participants admissible

Discover our mine in a different and on your own autonomous way. You can freely explore our ore mines on foot and photograph them as much as you like. Duration: 1.15 hour.
Tarif: 9€/Participant.

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Our mine train will bring you on characteristic places of the galleries “Langengrund” or “Walert” where you will have time to explore in total tranquility the mine. You are free to move anywhere. With a cellular phone, a photo camera or professional equipment you can take pictures of your impressions in the depths of the mountain. Two guides are at the disposal to answer possible questions. Finaly our train will bring you outside the mine again.

Attention: The Visit of the August 29th will take place in the Central “Langengrund”, an area closed for the public and there is complete darkness. For this visit a torch of minimum 1:30 light duration is absolutely necessary. By contrast the visit on August 15th and 22th will take place in the illuminated part of the “Walert” gallery.

Other than the photo equipment it is important to wear appropriate warm clothing and flat-heeled shoes.

A reservation is mandatory
Reservation and tickets:

If  you have any questions contact our team via email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or via phone: 56 56 88.


 Special Visit « 3000 years of mining lights »

Sunday, August 16th at 10:00

Only 19 participants admissible

The lamp is without doubt the most characteristic tool for a miner, and also the most vital in the obscurity in the galleries. You can make such an experience yourself in the galleries of the mine Walert. Indeed the MNM offers a special visit “3000 years of mining lights” on Sunday, August, 16th at 10:00. Our historien Denis Klein presents the different types of mining lights used by the miners, and this from the ancient world to recent days.

Luuchten 2

Tarif: 8€. Duration: 1h30 with entrance and exit in our mine railway.
The presentation of the lamps will take place inside the mine. Seats are available in the pit with a distance of two meters each.

All you need are warm clothes. A helmet is available from the museum.

A reservation is necessary
Reservation and tickets:

To get all the information please ask our team via email or via phone: 56 56 88.

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MNM on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

The MNM is on
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
There we offer you up-to-date information about the Museum, historical information about the miners, a selection of books and some information of things to see and to know of the iron basin of Luxembourg.

After the real reopening....

After the reopening the museum offers visits for individual visitors each week from Thursday to Sunday. Start is 14.30 h, 15.30 h and 16.30 h respectively. The tour is targeted at the general public. There is no need to make a reservation. You only should present yourself during the opening hours at the reception in the building “Maschineschapp”.

For tours of groups (31 people max.) and interactive tours for children the MNM stays open all year round with reservation from 8.00 h to 16.30 h.


The visits course: First the visitors are handed a helmet. Then the visitors board the mine on a train; the journey takes about 20 minutes. Inside the mine, the tour continues on foot through the tunnels as the guide explains the different mining techniques and the daily life of the mineworkers from 1870 to 1997. The tour exits the mine by train through the Walert tunnel. The visit inside the mine lasts about 1h 30 min. (total 2 hours).

It is important to wear appropriate warm clothing. The visitors also are advised to wear flat-heeled shoes.

Dogs are not allowed.

The language of the tour depends on the majority of visitors present; nevertheless audioguides in German, French, English and Dutch are available.

Opening hours and reservation form

The museum is open for groups all year round with reservation. The visits for individuals take place each week from thursday to sunday. (except: every Monday, the 1. November, 4. december, from 24. december until 1. january included).

Here you can find the form for reservations:

For any questions or help the staff of the museum is at your disposal cordially.