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Mon, 10 February

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Visit for individual visitors
Sunday 8 march 2020
Start: 14h00 / Exit: 16.30
Everybody is warmly welcome!!!


First the visitors are handed a helmet. Then the visitors board the mine on a train; the journey takes about 20 minutes. Inside the mine, the tour continues on foot through the tunnels as the guide explains the different mining techniques and the daily life of the mineworkers from 1870 to 1992. The tour exits the mine by train through the Walert tunnel. The visit inside the mine lasts about 1h 30 min. (total 2 hours).

The tour is targeted at the general public.

It is important to wear appropriate warm clothing. The visitors also are advised to wear flat-heeled shoes. Dogs are not allowed.

To avoid any disappointment of not getting any entrance tickets, please be there at 14h00 to get your tickets. Attention: max. 31 participants are admissible. A reservation is neither necessary nor possible for individual visitors.

The language of the tour depends on the majority of visitors present; nevertheless audioguides in German, French, English and Dutch are available.

The National Iron Mining Museum stays open for individual visitors during the winterseason.

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The 2. Sunday of each month, a guided tour will take place at 2.30 pm. Interessted people can participate without any reservation (max. 31 participants). A visite tour lasts 2 hours (Train. 20 min./ guided tour: 1.30 h.)

Next visit: Sunday 8 march 2020

The museum stays open for groups all year round with reservation (except: every Monday, the 1. November, 4. december, from 24. december until 1. january included).

Here you can find the form for reservations: