National Mining Museum
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Interactive tour for children (by reservation only)

The National Mining Museum has developed an interactive tour targeted at children aged 6 to 14. It enables the child to identify with the mineworkers.

The tour starts with a short introduction in the exhibition building, after which the visitors are handed a helmet.

The tour is done entirely on foot and lasts 2 hours. Every participant takes the identity of a mine employee: foreman, miner, miner's aide, tracklayer, surveyor, mine owner... The children are the protagonists of their own tour and drill, crush rocks, push mine cars and witness a blast. After the tour, they are given a miner's token as a souvenir and a voucher for a free entry to the MNM and they can keep the ore they have extracted.

The tour is open to groups of 18 children maximum accompanied by an adult. The cost is 130€ per group with free entry for up to 2 accompanying adults.

The average temperature inside the mine is 10° C all year round. It is thus important to wear appropriate warm clothing. The mine tunnels are free of danger. Visitors are advised to wear flat-heeled shoes. Helmets are mandatory. Dogs are not admitted into the mine.

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Interactive groups can have lunch or dinner at the Brasserie du Musée. The special childrens' menu is 12€ per person and consists of a choice of either :
  • Spaghetti bolognese, cake or ice cream, 1 drink included..
  • Wiener Schnitzel with french fries, cake or ice cream, 1 drink included.
If you wish to eat at the Brasserie du Musée, please contact + 352 56 70 08 to reserve. (