National Mining Museum
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Thu, 19 March
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Because of some decisions made by the Governing Counsil and for Prime Minister's latest statements concerning the limitation and slowdown of the spread of the virus COVID-19, the MNM will be kept closed until the order of the competent state authorities. 
The Museum can be reached by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
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The MNM is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
There we offer you up-to-date information about the Museum, historical information about the miners, a selection of books and some information of things to see and to know of the iron basin of Luxembourg.

After the reopening the museum offers visits for individual visitors each week from Thursday to Sunday. Start is 14.30 h, 15.30 h and 16.30 h respectively. The tour is targeted at the general public. There is no need to make a reservation. You only should present yourself during the opening hours at the reception in the building “Maschineschapp”.

For tours of groups (31 people max.) and interactive tours for children the MNM stays open all year round with reservation from 8.00 h to 16.30 h.


The visits course: First the visitors are handed a helmet. Then the visitors board the mine on a train; the journey takes about 20 minutes. Inside the mine, the tour continues on foot through the tunnels as the guide explains the different mining techniques and the daily life of the mineworkers from 1870 to 1997. The tour exits the mine by train through the Walert tunnel. The visit inside the mine lasts about 1h 30 min. (total 2 hours).

It is important to wear appropriate warm clothing. The visitors also are advised to wear flat-heeled shoes.

Dogs are not allowed.

The language of the tour depends on the majority of visitors present; nevertheless audioguides in German, French, English and Dutch are available.

Opening hours and  reservation form

The museum is open for groups all year round with reservation. The visits for individuals take place each week from thursday to sunday. (except: every Monday, the 1. November, 4. december, from 24. december until 1. january included).

Here you can find the form for reservations:

For any questions or help the staff of the museum is at your disposal cordially.

Fri, 23 August
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Musée des mines

Then you should know that the association of the National Mine Museum has the Status of Public Interesst (Statut d'utilité publique). This gives you the possibility to fiscally depreciate your donation from your tax declaration as special expenses according to the articles 109 and 112 of the law from the 4.12.1967.

The donation can be transfered to the bankaccount of the Museum:

BCEELULL  IBAN: LU31 0019 7600 0660 4000

After the reception of your donation you will recieve a confirmation by the Museum via mail.

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Thu, 13 November
Auf geht's mit dem CFL
Auf geht's mit dem CFL!

Am Sonntag, den 7. Dezember 2014, können Sie das Nationale Bergbaumuseum als auch den Weihnachtsmarkt in Rümelingen mit dem historischen Zug besuchen. Reservieren Sie Karten für diesen speziellen Anlass! Die Plätze sind begrenzt!